Tensylene® Sewing Thread

PTFE Sewing Thread

Tensylene® V-150 (polytetrafluoroethylene) sewing thread offers a unique blend of chemical and temperature resistance coupled with a low friction coefficient. Since PTFE is chemically inert, it is able to withstand exposure to the harshest of environments.

Tensylene® V-150 offers a breaking strength of 8 – 10 lbs and has proven to be a better alternative to other PTFE monofilament sewing threads (V-138 and V-92).

Tensylene® V-150 Typical Values
Ply monofilament
Break Strength 45 N (8 lbs)
Elongation at Break 7.0%
Shrinkage at 200C 3.0%
Yield 205 yrds/oz
Colors White, Black
Standard make-up
Weight: 8 oz (0.5 lbs)
King spool, plastic
Height: 155 mm
Core inner diameter: 25 – 30 mm
Base outer diameter: 85mm

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