Carbex® T6000


Carbex® T6000

Carbex® T6000 staple fibers are preoxidized organic fibers that are inherently fire resistant, exhibit excellent chemical resistance and are electrically non-conductive. These fibers do not drip or melt and are easily processed as a blend with other FR fibers on conventional textile equipment into knitted, woven or nonwoven fabrics. Carbex®T6000 is widely used for friction materials (e.g. break pads) protective apparel, welding blankets and automotive accessories. In most cases Carbex®T6000 is processed as a blend with either Technora®, Conex®or Aramet®. Listed below are typical properties of this fiber:

Denier1.5, 2.0 and 5.0
Density (g/cc)1.36 min
Cut Lengths (mm)50-76 mm
Tensile Strength (MPa)200-250
Elongation (%)14% min
LOI (%)> 41
Moisture Regain (%)5% typical
Crimp Level (crimp/cm)3.3 minimum
Sizing content (%)0.4%


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