Aramet® Spunlace

Aramet® Spunlace

Aramet® Spunlace is a high-temperature resistant insulation product with an excellent balance of physical, temperature and electrical properties which in turn provides characteristics such as high inherent dielectric strength, mechanical toughness, flexibility and resilience. This product is produced by interlacing meta-aramid (i.e. Aramet®) fibers without the use of binding agents to afford a more porous product which is also durable, soft and comfortable.

For electrical applications, Aramet® Spunlace is usually impregnated with a varnish or resin. Due to the inherent chemical resistance of aramids, Aramet® Spunlace is compatible with virtually all classes of electrical varnishes and adhesives. Furthermore, transformer fluids including minerals, silicone oils and other synthetics are also compatible with Aramet® Spunlace.

Typical Physical Properties

TypeAS – 4AS – 5Test Method
Thickness (mil) 4 5ASTM D374
Thickness (mm) 0.10 0.13
Basis Weight (g/m2) 66 72 ASTM D646
Density (g/cc) 0.66 0.55
 ASTM D828
MD Tensile Strength (N/cm) 35.8 53.5
MD Elongation (%) 32.6 14.3
MD Modulus (kN/cm2) 9.23 x 105 1.33 105
CD Tensile Strength (N/cm 19.7 24.8
CD Elongation (%) 119 57
CD Modulus (kN/cm2) 1.56 x 105 7.69 x 105
Standard Weight/roll 145 lbs (66 kgs) 159 lbs (72 kgs)
Standard Length/roll 1,090 yds (1,000 meters)
Standard Width/roll 39 inches (1.1 yds, 1 meter)
Standard Order Quantity 8,200 yds (1,110 lbs)

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