Paramyd® Staple Fiber


para-aramid staple fiber

Paramyd®, like Kevlar®, is a para-aramid (poly-paraphenylene terepthalamide) and is available in staple fiber form. Compared to meta-aramids (Conex® and Aramet®), Paramyd’s® exhibit greater strength, but at the same time exhibit lower chemical resistance. Paramyd’® are widely used in numerous applications that require (i) strength 5 times more than steel (ii) fatigue resistance and (iii) dimensional stability.
Paramyd® staple fibers may be spun in 100% form or as a blend with other high-performance synthetic fibers. Primary spun yarn end-use applications include protective blankets, gloves, and apparel to protect against cutting, heat, flames and sparks.

Denierden1.5, 2.0
Cut Lengthmm38, 51, 76
Elongation at Break%3


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