Modac™ FR Modacrylic Fiber
Modac™ (Modacrylic fiber) is a synthetic copoylmer which is soft, strong, resilient, and dimensionally stable. Modac™ can be easily dyed and exhibits good press and shape retention, and is quick to dry. Modac™ has outstanding chemical and solvent resistance, is not attacked by moths or mildew, and is nonallergenic. Among its uses are FR clothing, apparel linings, furlike outerwear, paint-roller covers, scatter rugs, carpets, and work clothing and as hair in wigs.

Modac™ has properties similar to an acrylic. However, Modac™ is flame retardant and does not combust. The fibers are difficult to ignite and will self-extinguish. In addition to a Modacrylic’s flame retardant properties is its relatively high durability which is comparable to wool. Modacrylic fibers have a moderate resistance to abrasion and a very low tenacity. Modac™ has the ability to combine flame retardancy with a relatively low density, meaning protective gear is not uncomfortably heavy (i.e. shirts and trousers worn by electrical linemen). The combination of flame retardancy and low density is also useful in furnishings, draperies and outdoor fabrics.

Modac™ is a poor conductor of heat. Fabrics made of Modac are soft, warm and resilient but are prone to pilling and matting. Modac™ displays high performance when it comes to appearance retention. The fibers are quite resilient and will not wrinkle. They also have great dimensional stability and high elastic recovery, which gives them the ability to hold their shape.

Modacrylic fabrics can be machine washed using warm water and tumble dried on a low setting. Modacrylic fabric pieces can also be dry-cleaned, however, they should not be steamed and should only be tumbled on cold. The fibers are heat sensitive and will shrink at 250 oF and will stiffen at temperatures over 300 oF.

Type Modac™ 28 Modac™ 32
LOI 28 32
Denier & Cut 2 x 38
2 x 51
3 x 51
3 x 64
1.5 x 38
Tenacity (cN/dtex) 2.85 2.85
Elongation (%) 33 33
a 0.9 0.9
b 6.5 6.5
L 93 93
W 90 90

Standard Bale Weight = 255 kgs (560 lbs)

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