Paramyd® Filament

para-aramid filament
Paramyd®, like Kevlar®, is a para-aramid (poly-paraphenylene terepthalamide) and is available in filament form. Compared to meta-aramids (Conex® and Aramet®), Paramyd’s® exhibit greater strength, but at the same time exhibit lower chemical resistance. Paramyd’s® are widely used in numerous applications that require (i) strength 5 times more than steel (ii) fatigue resistance and (iii) dimensional stability.

Paramyd® filaments are available for the following applications: heat protection, ropes and cables, cut protection, structural reinforcement, soft ballistics, composites, communication cables, rubber reinforcement, ignition cables, belts and hoses.

Denier (dtex)840 d (935 dtex)1,010 d (1,121 dtex)
Tenacity Strength (grams/den)2322
Modulus (Gpa)9295
Elongation at Break (%)3.33.2
Degradation Temp (°C)500500


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