Aramet® Paper


Aramet® Paper meta-aramid paper
Aramet® Aramid Paper is a high-temperature resistant insulation product with an excellent balance of physical and electrical properties. Aramet® paper is a calendared insulating paper which offers high inherent dielectric strength, mechanical toughness, flexibility and resilience. This paper is made entirely from synthetic meta-aramid polymer (polymetaphenyleneisophthalic amide) in two physical forms: short fibers (floc) and microscopic fibrous binder particles (fibrids).

Aramet® paper is widely used in two major end uses including (i) insulation for electrical equipment applications in liquid and dry transformers, motors, and generators and (ii) structural composites.

Aramet® Paper is available in the following Thicknesses:

Type  Thickness (mm) Basis Weight (g/m2)
1.5 mil 0.04 29
2 mil
0.05 41
3 mil
0.08 63
4 mil 0.13 120

Width of Roll: 
Standard Width: 914 mm & 990 mm.
Custom width available.

Inner Diameter of Roll: 
75 mm (i.e. 7.5 cm; 3 inches)

Length of Paper: 
≤ 8000 m (i.e. ≤ 8,750 yrds)

Aramet®- PET – Aramet® is also available.

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