Aramet® Filament


Aramet® Filament 

Aramet® Filament yarns are continuous strands of fiber (as opposed to spun yarns, which are made up of short pieces of crimped fiber that are twisted together). This filament is made entirely from synthetic meta-aramid polymer (polymetaphenyleneisophthalic amide). On average, filament yarns are stronger and have lower friction properties than spun yarns. Aramet® Filament yarns are temperature resistant with exceptional thermal stability and good resistance to degradation by a wide range of chemicals and industrial solvents. Aramet® Filament yarns can be used in various applications including: sewing, high-strength outershells, and low-friction inner liner fabrcs.


Tenacity (g/den)4.54.5
Spool Weight (lbs)1.56

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