Conex® Staple Fiber

Conex® Meta-Aramid Fiber
Conex® meta-aramid fibers are best known for their combination of heat resistance and strength. In addition, meta-aramid fibers do not ignite, melt or drip, a major reason for their success in the fireproof apparel market. In comparison to commodity fibers, m-aramids offer better long-term retention of mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. Meta-aramids have a relatively soft hand and tend to process very similarly to commodity fibers, giving them a wide range of converted products.

Conex® High Tenacity (HT) type m-aramid has significantly higher tensile strength than that of other meta-aramids. This high strength allows it to bridge the gap between meta-aramid and para-aramid fibers for applications where added strength offers both technical and economic advantage.

Type0.8d x 38 mm1.5d x 38 mm2d x 51 mm2d x 51 HT mm2d x 76 mm5d x 76 mm
Cut Length (inches)1.51.5 2233
Tensile Strength (g/den)
Elongation (%)354035253542
Crimp Number/inch121111.511.511.57.5
Crimp Degree15121618.51915
Shrinkage at 3000C (%)
Operating Temperature (0F)375-400375-400375-400375-400375-400375-400
Melting Point (0F)752-806752-806752-806 752-806752-806752-806

Needlefelt       Automotive
Business machine part
Cushion material
Hot gas filtration
Safety & Protective clothing
Thermal insulation
Thermal spacers
Woven fabric       Automotive
Hot gas filtration
Loudspeaker components
Reinforcement: composites and rubber
Thermal insulation
Wet-laid nonwoven Business machine parts
Battery separators
Heat shields
Dry laid nonwoven Business machine parts
Electrical insulation
Heat shields
Hot gas filtration
Laminate support base
Thermal spacers
Spunlace nonwoven High temperature filtration
Laminate support base
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