Technora® fiber and Filament

Technora®para/meta aramid fiber 

Technora® offers a balance of advantages between meta-aramids (i.e. Conex® and Aramet®) and para-aramids (i.e Paramyd®) by exhibiting a molecular structure which has both para and meta linkages. For safety/protective applications, Technora® has been widely utilized as to be blended with Carbex® to achieve superior FR properties versus other commercially available products. These blended products have been made available in knitted and woven forms.

Compared to meta-Aramids (i..e. Aramet®, Conex®and Nomex®) Technora’s major advantages include (1) greater tensile strength and abrasion resistance (2) lower shrinkage at high temps (3) lower moisture regain.

Compared to para-Aramids (e.g. Paramyd®, Twaron®, Kevlar®) Technora’s® major advantages include (1) greater chemical, elongation and abrasion properties (2) lower moisture regain.

I. Technora® Products

Available ProductTypeDenier/Cut LengthApplication
Staple FiberT-330 (Gold Color)
T-330B (Black)
1.5 d x 51 mm
YarnT-400100 d, 200 d, 300 d, 400 d


II. Technora® vs. other Poly-Aramid Comparison

Trade NameMeta-Aramid (Conex®)Technora®Para-Aramid
Specific Gravity1.381.39
Continuous operation temp. (0F)392375375
Tensile strength (g/de)
Modulus (g/de)590555
*Abrasion resistance (Fiber to Metal)790200
*Abrasion resistance (Fiber to Fiber)360130
Flexural fatigue (Strength Retention)5236
Elongation (%)354.62.4
L.O.I (%)302528
Hydrolysis resistance (Strength Retention)9760
Moisture Regain (%)724.5
*Life cycle (Cycle number to breakage). Sample cord: 1500 de/1×2. Weight: 600 grams
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