Conducting Anti-Static Fiber

I. Fiber Description
Belltron®anti-static conductive fibers are available in more than 20 combination of colors, polymers, etc offering a wide range of choices in accordance with intended uses and purposes. Static control is offered by blending small amounts of Belltron®into the primary fiber of choice. Belltron® also offers superior abrasion resistance due to the impregnated nature of the elements that offer the anti-static properties. While other anti-static fibers are available, most of them are based on coating (which leads to shedding) instead of impregnation technology. Belltron® is not a laminated fiber, but rather a nylon or polyester fiber containing continuously-embedded anti-static particles which are exposed to the outer surface of the fiber.

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 This novel structure gives Belltron® outstanding anti-static properties as well as excellent physical properties. Since Belltron’s® fiber surface is smooth, unlike carbon-coated fibers, almost the same process ability as regular nylon can be expected. Finally, Belltron® is also available with a polyester matrix polymer (Type B31, B32, BR1, B68) which offers greater acid and heat resistance compared to the nylon Belltron® versions. Applications include: industrial apparel, dust-free garments, carpets, blankets, curtains, static-free brushes, etc.
II. Product Properties and Availability     

 Type Carbon Belltron® White Belltron®
 931  961  981  B31  B32  742  9R1  BR1  632  638 B68
Matrix polymer  Nylon 6  Nylon 6  Nylon 66  PET  PET  Nylon 6  Nylon 6  PET  Nylon 6  Nylon 6 PET
Conductive Particles  Carbon  Carbon  Carbon  Carbon  Carbon  Carbon  Carbon  Carbon White Metal Compound White Metal Compound White Metal Compound
Color  Black  Gray  Black  Black  Gray  Silver  Black  Black  White  White  White
Elongation (%)  40~60  40~60  40~60  30~55  40~50  55~80  45~70  35~55  35~55  40~55  35~55
Tenacity (cN/dtex)  2.4~3.5 1.7~2.6  2.1~3.1  2.8~4.2  3.5~4.5  2.2~3.2  2.8~3.8  2.4~3.2  4.0~5.5  3.0~4.0  2.6~3.8
Melting point (%)  215  215  255  255  255  215  215  255  215  215  255
Electric resistance (ohms – cm)  106~107  106~107  106~107 108~1010  106~108  106~107  105~106  108~1010  108~1010  108~1010  108~1010
 Filament  22dtex/3  20dtex/1  22dtex/3  22dtex/6  22dtex/5  20dtex/5  22dtex/3 33dtex/6  22dtex/6  22dtex/3


 3dtex-102  3dtex-51
 7 – 102  6 – 51  3dtex-38
 Silver  3dtex-76

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